NBA Superstars VS WWF Superstars…..Part 3

Due to the influx of responses for my running lists comparing NBA Legends to their WWF counterpart, I have decided to shelf my piece on the first place Sox,  grab a bottle of Beam, and indulge you with Part 3…..This match is scheduled for one fall, 15 minute time limit, and is for the Intercontinental Championship (always my favorite belt)

Allen Iverson —–> Mick Foley

On paper, these two have less in common than PBR and Cristal, but the similarities are there.  Both are warriors in every sense of the word, taking relentless beatings every night, and always coming back for more.  They would play hurt, and NEVER dissappointed.  Iverson, despite his bad attitude and work ethic, plays his heart out every minute on the court.  Foley is one of the same, making the most of every opportunity, and laughs in the face of pain.

Bill Russell —–> The Undertaker

Russell and the Undertaker define champion.  The two unleashed a reign of terror on their respective sports, and celebrated the spoils of victory numerous times.  Big, mean and nasty, these men always kept a quiet demeanor matched with an assassin’s instinct.  This may be a rumor, but I have heard Bill Russell used to wear black suits to every big playoff game.  When asked about the attire, he calmly replied, “Because I’m the undertaker, and I’m going to bury these sons-of-bitches.” 

Phil Jackson —–> Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Strategic masters.  Both tapped into their understudies potential, bringing out the best, and have a stocked trophy room to show for it.  The only real question is, “But how good are they really?”  These two have worked with nothing but top-notch talent their entire careers.

Shaquille O’Neal —–> Yokozuna

Kevin Nash/ Shaq is too easy for this one, so I went with Yokozuna instead.  Both guys shared a dominate size advantage over their opponents, and literally crushed enemies with a blend of strength and mass.  Nothing in this world is scarier than the thought of ‘Zuna charging at full steam, while you lay helpless against the turnbuckles, waiting for a devastating dose of F’rumunda cheese. 

Dominique Wilkins —–> Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Visually stunning athletes.  Both were high-flying, and electrified crowds everywhere they went.  Although fan favorites, but unfortunately had careers during a time when their league was saturated with bigger names stealing headlines and top billing.  P.S.  The “Nique-Bird Shootout” is one of the greatest games ever played.

James Worthy —–> Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

Worthy and Valentine were opponents that commanded your respect.  Both won titles and are prominent names, but kind of quietly chugged along while doing so, letting bigger names take all the credit.  These two legends are usually omitted from the conversation for this reason.  (When Hammer used to flip his shinguard to apply the “figure-four,” I always lost it) 

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  1. Comment by Dejay on May 28, 2008 7:31 am

    Good call on the Nique to Steamboat comparison but I would’ve thought that Nique could’ve been compared to Magnum TA since Nique never won a title and Steamboat did.

    Both Nique and Magnum contended for the top spot but couldn’t overcome the bigger name guys (Magnum with Flair, Nique with Bird), crowds always got their $$$’s worth when seeing them, and both had the rug pulled from under them when it appeared as if they’d finally get a shot at the belt (Magnum’s car accident, Nique being traded when the team had the league’s best record).

  2. Comment by Geb on May 28, 2008 2:24 pm

    Shaquille O’Neal is way out of Yokuzuna’s league that is a terrible comparison

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