Bulls coaching search is over…for real this time…steelhead cries…for real this time

Vinny Del Negro.  Vincent Joseph Del Negro.  Vinny Pee Pants Del Negro.  No matter how many different ways I say his name, it always comes out the same way, sounding more like a 70’s porn star than an NBA head coach.  Come to think of it, approximately 75-80% of all people who recognize the name Del Negro do so simply because of his god-like status in NBA Jam shooting the three.  Let’s look at the pros and cons of the Bulls latest possible blunder:


Since alot of people are still scratching their heads on this one, I’ll dive into the Cons first.


1. NO prior coaching experience

This means Vinny will have to take his lumps for at least a year or two before finding out what works and what doesn’t.  He may cry a few times during press conferences after being overwhelmed by the Pistons and other powerhouses.

2. Wasn’t a serious candidate for the Suns job

The Suns know him better than anyone, and the fact that they brushed him aside is not exactly a good thing.  Luckily, Kerr’s propensity to make horrible decisions may be the saving grace here.

3. The Bulls have alot invested in young talent

Veteran coaching leadership is needed to help along the Baby Bulls, not a guy still wet behind the ears.  I can hear it now. The 2008 Chicago Bulls, sponsored by Lowe’s. “Let’s build something together!” 

4. The Bulls, like any team, are led by their veterans

How will they react to a rookie coach trying to tell them what to do?  Vinny seems like a sweetheart who will take the team to Dairy Queen after each game, will that mesh well with a team being used to Skiles and his strict policies?

5. Vinny was an undisputed 3 point king in NBA Jam

Will the players be intimidated?  Will they be too star-struck to perform?  Will I throw up today? 

Surprisingly, there is a silver lining to every dark cloud….


1. Vinny is not a re-tread

I really don’t understand why some coaches remain in the carousel.  The Chargers hiring Norv Turner, the Cowboys Wade Philips, the Reds Dusty Baker, the list goes on.  I appreciate the Bulls making a reach here,  and not overpaying for a guy big on baggage, but small on success stories.  Which brings me to my next point.

2. Vinny was dirt cheap

Del Negro is a living subscription to Time Life Books.  The Bulls can cancel at anytime, and there is no obligation to buy.  The marriage could last 20 years, or 2.  Speaking of Time Life, has anyone ever actually known someone who had a collection of their books?  How did they dominate day time commercials so relentlessly in the 80’s?  Where is Liechtenstein?  Nevermind…

3. Vinny was a point guard

With the exception of guys like Stephon Marbury, the point has always been reserved for smart, crafty players who know how to get the job done.  Vinny was at times a true floor general, and that may be the key to his success.  This also provides optimism that the Bulls won’t pull a boner and draft Michael Beasley over Derrick Rose.

4. Hiring Vinny gives the guys upstairs more control over the team

Wait, that’s probably a con.

5. Vinny’s name is “Vinny Del Negro”

There is really no downside to guys named Vinny.  I feel like a giggly schoolgirl every time his name is uttered, and it will take till around around December to stop snickering after hearing, “Chicago Bulls head coach, Vinny Del Negro.” 

I can’t really say I’m for or against this coaching acquisition.  Both sides deliver valid points, and I’m going to stay on the fence until we see what Vinny’s (hehe) got.  For now, I know he is a terror to guard when “on fire,” but couldn’t dunk for shit.  Other than that, time will tell.


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  1. Comment by DiaperDandy on June 13, 2008 1:11 pm

    As of June 2007, Steve Kerr has exhausted the “Statute of Joke Limitations for Players Hitting Winning Shots in Championship Deciding Games.”
    As such, he deserves to get destroyed on all NBA-related blogs.
    Good to see you’re up-to-speed, Steelhead.
    Now go sleep it off…

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