Celtics Destroy Kobe, Lakers….It’s Gino Time

My dislike for both the Lakers and Kobe Bryant is not something I spend time hiding.  These feelings have been on my sleeve for quite a few years. With this in mind, NOTHING was more gratifying than witnessing the Celtics pound, pummel, and humiliate the fancy nancys from L.A. on the biggest of stages.  This site backs the Bulls 100%, but they can sit aside for a moment while we all enjoy “Gino Time!”


In a previous post, I predicted the Celtics in 6.  Hey, the sun even shines on a dog’s ass sometimes.  I’m no Madam Ruby, things just turned out the way everyone, minus the 4 Kobe fans, hoped they would.  Like most people, I tend to pick the lesser of two evils, unless hookers and booze are involved.  I remember this one time in Cleveland……nevermind.

The 2008 NBA Finals brought us to the undisputed conclusions that:

1. Doc Rivers is by far the worst coach to ever win an NBA title

There really isn’t much debate here.  Doc was horrible at times, and only seemed lucid when he delgated authority to his leaders, and let them run the show.  I joked earlier in the playoffs that he would be the first championship winning coach to be fired right afterwards.  Perhaps the coaching move that will define Doc’s legacy is calling off the dogs about 8 minutes after the Lakers went into full, “Fuck it. We quit.” mode.  God bless him!


 Bill Belichick applauds the C’s pushing the lead to 42

 2. Phil Jackson is by far the most overrated coach of all-time

“The Zen Master” looked more like the “I don’t give a shit, the check cleared” Master in these finals.  He never seemed animated, and never the made proper adjustments at pivotal times.  Kobe’s behavior may have finally sent Phil to the loony bin.  I did see Jackson squeezing a stress-ball repeating, “Just two more games, just two more games,” as Kobe pissed away Game 4.   Is Phil a good coach? Absolutely.  Is Phil the greatest coach of all-time? Ummmm no. 

3. Kevin Garnett’s tough guy routine will multiply by 3 next season

Garnett is all-world, but at times lacks the confidence to finish games, and the balls to drive the lane…..until now.  Expect even more yelling, chest thumping, head smacking, and talking to thin air next season.  Couple that with being aggressive towards the basket, and you’re looking at one mean mo’ fo’.  KG may even hire an acting coach to help make his various scowls more nefarious and convincing.  Regardless, I think he finally understands that as a 6′ 11″ athletic power forward, you don’t need to settle for a mid-range jumper, especially when Pau Gasol is guarding you.  Speaking of Pau.

4. Pau Gasol and Sasha Vujacic prove European players are softer than Charmin toilet paper

These two drove me absolutely crazy the whole series. Gasol spent more time whining, bitching, and pouting than playing.  Pau got planted on his Spanish ass more than once by a frail KG, who is about as strong as Apple Puckers.  The funniest, yet most embarrasing storyline in the series was Vujacic pretending, and at times insisting, he’s a legitimate threat.  Things went south in a hurry for the poor Serb after Ray Allen broke his ankles on a quick drive, that technically iced Game 4.  A dejected Sasha did what any little girl would do afterwards, threw a temper tantrum, slapped a chair, and cried. 

5. Boston Fans > Los Angeles Fans

Do I really need to explain this one to you?  Put it this way, the level of support was more lopsided than the score in Game 6. 

6. Jordan > Kobe …….Case Closed

This debate is over, dead, buried, burned, and finished.  I was discussing this with my boy Diaper Dandy, and he reminded me, “Sportswriters will continue to push the issue because they need to get paid.”  I don’t get paid that much, so you won’t see me on bogus crusades here.  Anyone who honestly believes Kobe is a better player than MJ needs to immediately be committed to Bellvue for electro-shock therapy.  I refuse to indulge this discussion any further. 

P.S.  The late 80’s, early 90’s Pistons, and the early to mid 90’s Knicks are two of the best defensive teams of all-time.  Don’t even try to play that card…..

Congrats 2008 Boston Celtics, you did the civilized world proud by single-handedly tarnishing, and possibly ruining Kobe Bryant’s legacy.  We will always think of you fondly…..


Photos are from Game 6, taken by my lucky son of a bitch friend, KK


  1. Comment by DiaperDandy on June 18, 2008 2:38 pm

    In your esteemed opinion, who’s horseshit, made-for-TV pre-game pep-talks were worse? Doc or Phil???
    How long has KK been in Boston??? To that end, does KK still weigh 2k lbs???

  2. Comment by DiaperDandy on June 18, 2008 2:42 pm

    Belichick would love that game. The Celts were still throwing alley-oops with 3:00 left in the game up 40!!!
    The entire seen in the Garden during the last 10 minutes of Game 6 was ridiculous. I haven’t seen such a lack of class since the Pistons walked off the court in the closing minutes of getting swept by the Bullies in ’91.

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