Bulls Work Out Michael Beasley…….Because They Had To

Kansas State forward Michael Beasley headed to Deerfield this week, to show off the goods for Bulls brass.  Like the NFL combine,  these flattering individual workouts usually make or break a prospect’s draft status.  His intent was to woo them, and everything was going as planned, until the tape measure and questions came out.

Beasley is a true athletic specimen, but the looming bigger issues overshadowed his visit:

1. He measured in at 6′ 8″ 1/4, after being touted as 6′ 10″

The size discrepancy makes Beasley more fitting at the 3 position, when most penciled him in at the 4, raising questions about his value as a #1 draft pick.  The kid is only 6′ 7″ without shoes, but lucky for Beasley, he wears kicks while playing.  This trend is very popular among NBA veterans.  The fact that the shoes in question are Nike could help aleviate Beasley of the situation, since alot of the league’s stars, including Desagana Diop, frown upon footwear like L.A. Gear, Ellese, and Brooks.

Despite being a little undersized to play power forward, Beasley boasts a 7′ wing span, which is capable of making up lost inches.  I personally don’t think his size is a big deal.  The guy can play, and the only reason he slips past the Bulls is because Derrick Rose is too tempting to pass up.

2. His “character issues” went unresolved during the questions, and may have intensified

We’ve all done it.  Sitting there in an interview or date, and completely pulling a boner by saying a 180 of what the boss/broad wanted to hear.  Examples of such verbal meltdowns include, “Can I put a Joey Buttafuoco shrine on my desk?” and “How do you feel about piracy?  You know, dressing up like pirates and chasing each other around the bedroom before sex.”  Beasley has perfected the anti-politically correct answer with stunning charisma.  Here’s some highlights:

a) “It’s dissappointing to find out I’m a midget.” (Height)

b) “I left that question unanswered.” (Are you crazy?)

c) “If I have character issues, sorry I guess……” (Do you have character issues?)

d) “I like smiles.  There aren’t enough smiles around here.” (Were you a CareBears fan growing up?)

Beasley seemed a little unhinged by the pressure of being barraged by questions, which is actually a good thing.  After watching him consistently stay hinged during the grueling Big 12 season, this guy is most comfortable doing what he loves, playing basketball, and being on the court.  I was impressed Beasley handled the questions with humor, and didn’t take himself too seriously, which most kids in his position would do. 

Bottom Line:

Michael Beasley is not the guy for Chicago.  He would add immediate scoring help, but Ty Thomas has shown too many positive strides to abandon that ship this early.  Derrick Rose holds the key to future Bulls success, and will prove that in ’08.  To be honest, “I’m just happy to be in this position, having the choice between two young men who can step in and help the franchise get back to our winning ways.”  How’s that for an answer?


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