Contreras serves up 9 runs in the 4th, Sox lose

Cubs 11, Sox 7. Final.   For the second day in a row, Sox pitchers were ineffective protecting a lead, and blew it today with a meltdown of Biblical proportions.  Jose Contreras continued his losing ways, offering gift after gift in the 4th inning, turning a 4-1 Sox lead into a 9-4 deficit.  When the rubble was cleared, we were down 6. 

So much for salvaging the series.  This series, despite tomorrow’s outcome, is already unsalvageable.  The Sox have taken one on the chin two days in a row, and it doesn’t feel good when the punches are delivered by the hated Cubs, and their pretentious, obnoxious fans.

I am numb.  Utterly numb to be exact, and I haven’t even tipped one yet.  Words can’t adequately describe how disgusted I am right now with the Sox and their putrid showing this weekend.  Tomorrow is a new day……Yeah yeah. Save it for someone who gives a shit.  With that said,

GO SOX!!!!

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