Steelhead Hall of Fame: Casper “Cap” Boso

This week, 4HT honors a man who played the game of football bigger, badder, and meaner than most would ever dream to.  This legend has two distinct claim to fames.

1. His name is absolutely hilarious

2. His absolutely hilarious name earned him recognition by many through appearing in the original NES classic Tecmo Bowl

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the immortal Cap Boso….


Casper Boso was born September 10, 1963 in Kansas City. On that glorious day, God in heaven above reached down and replaced baby Cap’s legs with tree trunks, and his biceps with anvils.  It was apparent early on that this young Boso was going to be more than just a clever name.

In 5th grade, Cap beat the living shit out of a classmate after the little punk referred to him as “Crap Bozo.”  Why the assaulted child had the gall to call a 6’3 225 lb. 10 year old names defies all logic.  Boso won an olympic gold medal a few years later at age 14 for deadlifting Montreal’s Olympic Stadium 11 times. This may not have really happened, but I like to think it did.

Boso attended the University of Illinois and played tight end for the Fighting Illini from 1983-1986.  He was a reliable target, catching 10 passes in one game against Ohio State in 1984, which is only about 20 away from some kind of record I think.  It was rumored the Heisman Trophy was going to be renamed the Boso Bucket after his heroic effort against the Buckeyes. 

Cap hit the big time from 1987-1991, landing a starring role in the Chicago Bears offense, which was by far the league’s most feared.  With Jim Harbaugh’s rocket arm and quick legs, Boso had finally found a quarterback that could keep up with his 3.6 in the 40 speed.  Cap and Harbaugh led the Bears to an impressive 79-1 record during this stretch, claiming 5 Super Bowl titles for Chicago.  The only loss came when Boso was unable to play due to food poisoning sustained after eating 6 Green Bay Packer helmets during a Monday night game in Lambeau.  None of this may have really happened.  Once again, I’m just repeating local legend.

In all seriousness, the name Cap Boso has a cemented legacy largely because of Tecmo Bowl.  Kids outside of the Midwest were finally exposed to the beast himself, and nobody could get enough of him, or his name. Even Packer, Lion, and Viking fans would play as the Bears to get the full “Cap Boso Experience.”  There is a direct correlation between the release of TB, and the massive spike of both boys and girls being named “Cap” in the late 80’s.

So here we are today honoring legendary Bears tight end Cap Boso.  Many people wanted this piece to be on James “Robocop” Thornton (another Bears TE), but, to me, the comparison isn’t even close. 


  1. Comment by Esta on August 20, 2009 9:18 pm

    I know Cap..however, I did not know all these fun facts! All this time I thought he was just talking crap! LOL! Nice…Does he play tennis?? He claims to be very good at it!

  2. Comment by Dianna Commiskey on December 3, 2009 11:16 am

    I remember Cap from grade school in Indianapolis. He was a legend in his own mind.

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