Steelhead Hall of Fame: Mitch “Blood” Green

In the 80’s, the sport of boxing was still king.  A young Mike Tyson steamrolled through inferior competition, and the legendary middleweight rivalries hit their peak.  We will forever remember names like “Iron Mike,” “Hitman,” “Sugar Ray,” and “Marvelous” in boxing lore.  Today, we honor the lesser known, yet exponentially more hilarious Mitch “Blood” Green, whose taunting speech towards Tyson in 1986 remains the most entertaining 19 seconds in television history.  The best part is, Green lived to tell about it.

Mitchell Green was a promising amateur pugilist growing up in Brooklyn, and celebrated 4 New York Golden Gloves victories in the late 70’s.  The sky was the limit for Blood, but the waiting world wouldn’t be exposed to this comedic genius/character until much later.

Green, upset about not getting a shot at the popular Tyson, resorted to guerilla tactics, calling him out on street corners to anyone that would listen.  Blood played the part of arrogant challenger perfectly, sporting Run DMC worthy gold rope chains, and perhaps the finest Jheri Curled mane in the history of mankind.  Pair that with the best Mr.T impression ever, and you have a literal license to print money.  “Michelle Sissy Tyson, Tutti Fruity, I’m gonna kick that booty!!  Michelle Sissy Tyson is a h–o!! You hear that? H–o!!” rang in the NYC streets for weeks.  Unfortunately there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity, and Green was granted his ill-fated wish. 

On May 20, 1986, “Blood” ran all over the ring, literally.  Green ducked, dodged, and hid through the 10 round contest with Tyson.  He went the distance, but lost alot of face in the process.  Some say merely lasting that long in the squared circle with Iron Mike is a feat in itself, and this bout helped catapault their notorious street fight a few years later.

On August 23, 1988, Green caught wind that Tyson was shopping at a local Harlem clothing store, searched for the champ, and confronted him about a rematch.  Things got ugly, which I’m sure had nothing to do with Green’s propensity to talk shit constantly.  Judges Score: Green received stitches after getting clubbed with a strong right, and Tyson suffered a broken hand during the donnybrook. 

After the brawl, Green was far from done tormenting, heckling, and sticking it to Tyson.  He sued Iron Mike for damages incurred during the fight, and was awarded $45,000, helping pave the way for Tyson’s future financial troubles.  Green slugged his way through 8 more fights, and finished his career with a Don Flamenco-esque 19-6-1 record.

Today we salute you Mitch “Blood” Green.  You are a true champion, at least in my heart.  You had the balls to taunt the most dangerous man on the planet in 1986, and pick up where you left off in 1988.  We will never forget the gold chains, Jheri Curl, bicep flexing, Kangol beret and, most importantly, your unparalled ability to entertain. 

Below are more clips of “Blood” doing what he did best:

Michelle Sissy….Don Queen….Tutti Fruit!!!

And off comes the shirt to adequately bring attention to the 50 gold chains….

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