Sox head to motown for crucial series with tiggies

100 games in, 2.5 games up.  The doubters, naysayers, and general pessimists (like myself) have been in hibernation for quite some time, and from here on out, you gotta believe a division title is entirely, genuinely, 100% conceivable.  We’ve been here before, know what needs to be done, and basically are praying for consistency until the bitter or glorious end.  The next 10 days will give us die-hards an undeniable look at the testicular fortitude of this team, and possibly decide the fate of our beloved Sox. 

First, the Pale Hose invade industrial shithole Detroit for a 3 game series against those pesky, finally catching form (and fire) Tiggies.  Leyland’s bunch, coming off a 33 run outburst against the Royals over 3 games, have their offense clicking on all cylinders.  It is imperative Gavin Floyd puts out the fire early today, and gives his supporting offense a chance to power the Sox over struggling Tiggie hurler Nate Robertson.  A win today will set the tone for Saturday and Sunday. If our boys can take 2 out of 3 in Robocop’s hometown, then the fragile Tiggies should revert back to playing .500 baseball, and licking their wounded paws.  Detroit does not need any wood for the fire, so I suggest the Sox get in there, get the  job done, and get the fuck out, Navy SEAL style.

Next, the road trip heads north to derelict infested shithole Minneapolis/St. Paul, for a 4 game series against the always overacheiving Twinks.  Minnesooooduh is taking on the CC-less Tribe this weekend in Cleveland, and will most likely scalp the left for dead Indians.  The Twinks have a chip on their shoulder after a recent humiliating trip to the Bronx, where the Yankees bitchslapped Twink Nation, Ike Turner style, in a sweep.  You can bet your cajones they will be ready to take on the Sox, who throttled the little pipsqueaks in grand fashion last time the two teams met. Ron Gardenhire will be up to his usual shenanigans, and don’t think for a minute this series isn’t personal for the dirt-kicking lardass.  I will be content with a split against the Twinks, but 3 out of 4 would be fucking fantastic.   

Finally, the South Siders bum rush BBQ obsessed shithole Kansas City for the road trip finale against the “Royally fucking horrible baseball team that resides in KC.”  Los Calcetines (Sox) have revenge on their mind, after the RFHBTTRIKC pegged 6 Sox batters during the last 3 game series in Chicago, which resulted in Jermaine Dye missing a start.  Ozzie is not one to play around, so I fully expect the debt to be paid in full during Friday’s game.  Unfortunately, the RFHBBTRIKC have no good players to injure.  Our Sox need to sweep these jokers, pelt a few guys, and get the hell out of dodge before a bench clearing brawl leaves someone suspended. 

We can’t deny it folks, this road trip is HUGE.  Our fate, still hanging in the balance, will begin to lean one way or the other, and it starts by taking The Eye of the Tiger in Detroit.  Here’s a little inspiration for the road trip.  If you haven’t seen the actual video for this, prepare to be showered with unintentional comedy (the lead singer’s beret and trying too hard to look scary face crack me up)

Passion…Pride…Tradition…Just Do It Sox.

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