White sox use day off to reflect on disastrous road trip, need to watch Rocky III

Well it happened last week, the shit officially hit the fan.  The Sox, frontrunners in the A.L. Central, crapped the bed during  a 10 game road trip, and surrendered first place to hated rival Minnesota.  The blame can go many different directions, but, for sake of argument, let’s assume everyone agrees: Right now, this team sucks royally (no pun intended), and from here on out, it’s “do or die.” 

 That’s all I really want to say about the Sox at this point, seeing I have not been able to talk about our boys without being consumed with rage for almost 5 days now.  This current funk is something we can (and will) snap out of, but it hurts to see a team get so close, then try to piss it away.

(Fuck, here I go) You can’t blame injuries, for that’s just a scapegoat, and doesn’t justify the poor play by the active portion of the roster.  Sure a few key injuries have hampered the Sox of late, but EVERY team deals with injuries at some point, and this isn’t exclusive to the South Side.  It is irrational to think a team could stay 100% intact and healthy over the course of 162 games, and good teams still win with a player or two out, they don’t pack it in.

The general feeling/overall vibe the Sox have given off the last 4 games really bothers me.  They seem to have the “deer in the headlights” look by the 3rd, and are beginning to give up early and often.  This team looks like a battered and beaten Rocky in part 3.  I’ll leave you with this clip to show what I mean, and stop before an obscenity-laced tirade reveals my true emotions right now. 

GO SOX…Stop fucking being afraid

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