white sox win….force one game playoff with twins….hawk calls for “blackout”

OH BABY WAS THAT INTENSE!!!  After a 4 hour rain delay, our beloved Sox outlasted the Tigers 8-2 to force a one game playoff against the hated Twins.  Tomorrow’s showdown at Comiskey Park will determine the AL Central champion, and we can only hope the South Siders have more pop in their bats than they showed tonight. 


With the Sox trailing 2-1 in the bottom of the 6th, Detroit pulled a card from their past and committed blunder after blunder, loading up the bases and tying the game.  Alexei Ramirez then crushed a grand slam, putting the game out of reach.  God bless the “Cuban Missile,” and his ability to get the big hit.  Let’s hope he has one more up his sleeve.

Here’s some thoughts on the game:

During the rain delay, how many times do you think the Tiggie players were bitching to each other that they should be on the back 9 somehwere in Florida instead of sitting in a downpour waiting to play a game that was ultimately meaningless to them?  My guess is anywhere from 359-1,735.  Seriously, everyone likes to play the spoiler, but how on earth could these guys possibly give a shit?  By the 6th inning, they were so agitated and forlorn, I was waiting to see a helicopter swoop in and drop a ladder to Gary Sheffield so he could escape, with Sheff maniacally screaming, “Fuck you Leyland!” as he flew away.

With the game in tow, a friend of mine called to put it best: “If we lose tomorrow, every Detroit player has the undisputed right to kick every person in the Sox organization in the balls.”  I couldn’t agree more, and vote Don Cooper gets booted first.

Towards the end of the game, announcer Hawk Harrelson held up a black shirt, and pleaded to the masses that he wants to see a blackout tomorrow night, with every fan donning funeral colors.  Ummmmmmmm did he watch Saturday’s blackout in Athens?  I love ya Hawk, but you will be the one getting kicked in the balls if we blow this.  I will also be hosting a blackout of my own if we lose this game, and I’m not talking about my choice of attire. 

Tomorrow is huge, and we all know it.  With the game being played in Chicago, optimism is heavier on the scale than the other side that yells, “God, we gotta go play in that fucking dome again?  We never seem to catch a goddamn break there.”   I hate the Twins.  You hate the Twins.  We hate the Twins.  Let’s beat these asswipes and go the post, or I’m sending a “secret weapon” out to seek and destroy Jason Morneau. 


Go get ’em mullet man…..

GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. All Sox posts from now on will have “White Sox” in the title instead of “Sox.”  Quite frankly, I’m pissed off Google adsense puts nothing but Red Sox shit for ads on these posts, and something must be done.

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