White Sox Blow Opportunities, Vazquez Blows in Game One Loss

The 2008 posteseason is off to a randy start, just not for our Sox.  The St. Petersburg Sun Rays rocked perpetual douchebag Javier Vazquez for 6 runs in 4.1 innings, and that was enough to pull out a 6-4 game one victory.  11 Sox were stranded on base, and the culminating event of the afternoon was a definat Orlando Cabrera kicking dirt toward Ray reliever Grant Balfour moments before striking out with the bases juiced.  Not much to say other than Vazquez should never pitch in a Sox uniform again, Cabrera is a certfiable lunatic/headcase/drama queen, and we better get ’em tomorrow with Mark Buehrle on the hill.  GO SOX!!!


Javy……You stink!!!!!!!!

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