The night chicago died…..White sox return to “comiskey” down 2-0

Unbelievable.  The 2008 White Sox have been a bigger enigma this post-season than a cryptic Bill Belichick giving a post-game interview in morse code.  With their backs against the proverbial wall, our Pale Hose appear to be out of gas, and our fearless leader Ozzie, appears to be out of answers.  The St. Pete Sunshine continued their dominance tonight, and the 3 run outburst in the 8th inning sealed a 6-2 victory, putting the Sox, and us fans, in full fledged panic mode.  In lieu of everything, one song continues to be on repeat in my frustrated, drunken head:

I’m tired, upset, irate, pissed, dissappointed, and angry, but optimism continues until the bitter fucking end my friends.  This team (Solar Rays) is beatable, and it ain’t over till it’s over.  Here are a few reasons that we can still take this series:

1. Next two games are in an open-air stadium

I don’t have to tell you how shitty we are in domes.  The Sox record this year on turf is a dismal 4-16, and things just seem to be completely FUBAR every time Chicago enters one.  With a two game stand at home, where we are 54-28, solid pitching performances can tie this series.

2. The Sunboys are 40-41 on the road this season

Sure St. Pete is unstoppable at home, but they are a different team away from the OJ Dome.  If the Sox can jump out early, like they have the last two games, the home field advantage could give our boys the edge needed to actually keep it.

3. The Sox are hitting the ball, just not bringing runs in

It’s a sad day when 12 hits renders only 2 runs.  This trend will not continue on Sunday.  The hits will be less plentiful, but definitely more productive.  Game 3 will see the Hitmen score 5-6 runs, and that will be enough ftw.

4. If Chicago forces a Game 5, experience will prevail

Anyway you look at it, winning this series will require a return to Florida, and the scene of the crime.  If the Sox take games 3 and 4 at home, pressure will most certainly be in St. Petey’s corner, and we can only hope it cripples the young team’s confidence. 

5. Danks and Floyd are starting the next two games

Perhaps the rotation wasn’t exactly picture perfect to start the series (Vazquez=trash), but with John Danks and Gavin Floyd pulling up the rear, this series will be headed back to Sundog Stadium for a game 5.  The only question is, “Can the Sox outscore the Tropic Suns in that game with shitstain on the mound?”  As Barack Obama would say, “YES WE CAN!!!!”

This is it.  Our season is officially one bad game away from being over.  The overachieving South Siders have exceeded all of our expectations, and I can only hope they have one more surprise for us on Sunday and Monday.


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