Bulls will get clobbered by celtics tonight…..Playoff preview

The 2008 Chicago Bulls appear to be cooked 25 games into the season, and this fan is done dreaming big.  Despite clinging to the unenviable 8th playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, expectations for this team are lower than the average USC football player’s SAT score.  Let’s say the Bullies play .500 ball for the rest of the season, which is a BEST case scenario, they will get Boston in the first round, making their playoff push a pitiful 4 games. 


At this point, I will continue to watch in hopes that the mischevious Bennie the Bull pulls epic shenanigans that end with an opposing player losing an eye or other vital organ.


We knew the lack of an inside game would spell doom for this team, but I definitely expected more from the young front liners.  Tyrus Thomas (who I heralded as a budding star in the pre-season), has shown his true colors as a cancerous cry-baby, and TT’s tenure in Chicago should be over sooner than later.  Joakim Noah has shown flashes of competence, but usually follows up a solid effort with 3 or 4 Scud Missile type outings.  Veteran Drew Gooden has misleading stats, for he has commanded the ball every time up the court, and has been chucking dozens of shots a game, under the impression this is his team.  Don’t get me started with Andres Nocioni…..that guy’s piss poor performance, mixed with the single most horrendous contract in professional sports, is enough to make me puke up Jim Beam for the next 6 hours.


Way to fleece the organization out of millions Noc


The guards are the heartbeat of this team, and they have delivered exactly what was anticipated: good scoring, but certainly not enough to win games without help from the bigs.  Derrick Rose is obviously the only untouchable player on this team, and gives Chicago fans a glimmer of what could be with a better inside presence.  Captain Kirk being hurt has hurt the team, and you know things are bad when your crunch-time scorers are Ben Gordon and Larry Hughes (who is a glorified shooting guard at best).  Gordon and Hughes are gunners in the Stevie Francis mold, and any team with said type of player being the go-to-guy aren’t going very far.


Rare pass from BeeGee


Vinny Del Negro has his work cut out for him in year one.  It is apparent a few players, namely Thomas, are not buying into his system or philosophy, and mutiny could happen as early as the all-star break.  Vin needs to sack-up, take the reins, and keep the ship on course.  Former beleagured IU coach Mike Davis could take this team to the playoffs in a pathetic, top-heavy East, and there are no excuses.  A date with the lottery symbolizes epic failure this season, and a playoff trip (no matter how short), should carry favor for this young coach.

Keep chugging along Bulls, and dazzle us with a 3 game win streak or something.  We’re still here, so keep us watching.  In the meantime, here’s a pic to remind you of our spoiled past:



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  1. Comment by Diaper Dandy on January 15, 2009 1:05 pm

    I can’t even force myself to watch this team.
    A valid point was brought up on 670 the other day. How long before Stacey King loses it, rips his headset off, jumps over the scorers table, and harelips Noah or Gordon for mental mistakes???
    I can see it happening followed by Stacey and Pax ripping off their shirts and ties to reveal they’re still wearing champagne-soaked #21 and #5 jerseys, respectively, from Phoenix (Yes, champagne keeps clothing wet for 16 years).They both average double-doubles off the bench and the Bullies snag the 5-seed.

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