Josh Fields Demands Trade….and Ten Other Laughable Power Plays

It appears disgruntled White Sox infielder extaordinaire Josh Fields is demanding a trade.  The hilarious revelation is in lieu of the Sox acquiring Mark Kotsay from Boston to fill the hideous void created by Fields, his 8 errors, and 70 strike-outs.  The .220 hitter should have many suitors, in Single A.  For those who are clueless on the gravity of this situation, here’s ten scenarios that will put this into perspective for you:


  1. Kicker Kevin Butler demands to play safety on ’85 Bears defense
  2. Legally challenged receiver Plaxico Burress asks Giants for bonus
  3. Heisman running back OJ Simpson wants to give graduation address at USC
  4. MMA fighter Frank Mir has promoter inquire about rematch with Brock Lesnar
  5. Ridiculously unfunny douchebag Ryan Dempster quotes that he will only pitch for the Yankees
  6. Twins manager Rod Gardenhire sues Denny’s for over-serving him biscuits and gravy
  7. Manny Ramirez gives back 20% of contract earnings after horrible slump in August
  8. NHL GM Gary Bettman mandates all players wear eye-liner during games
  9. Stephon Marbury demands to be re-signed by Knicks
  10. Blake Griffin urges Clipper brass to draft brother Taylor

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