Steelhead Rises: The Hero 4HT Deserves, But Not The One It Needs…

If World War I can be called a “war to end all wars,” then 2013 can certainly be known as a “year to end all years.”  Twas a tumultuous 365 day stretch that had a little bit of everything, but one constant remained: 4HT spent ANOTHER year neglected by its sole proprietor from a content standpoint, and 2013 was the first year it failed to turn a profit despite collecting dust for quite awhile.  As Steelhead (presumably) lined his glass with cheap bourbon and bedroom with regrettable conquests, the site reached a point of critical mass.

We were left with three choices:

1. Find another cantankerous drunk to irritate the interwebs with opinionated nonsense

2. Find THE cantankerous drunk to irritate the interwebs with opinionated nonsense

3. Close up shop

After a heated debate, we chose #1, knowing tracking down Steelhead would take some time, and he is most likely to spit in our face anyways. He went off the grid with us a few years ago, and every lead turned up cold in the past of his whereabouts.  Ready to pack it in and move forward with someone else, we received a text from a close friend on January 7th, that was simply three words, “STEEL IS HERE.”  True to form, the bastard was hiding in a Chicago dive bar under a beard that would make the cast of Duck Dynasty jealous.   After some prodding (which is a painstaking process if you know how stubborn SH is), our friend procured a contact number, and we immediately reached out to our old friend, securing a post that should (hopefully) be showcased sometime this weekend. Will it mark the triumphant return of Steelhead?  Will it be a drive by tease?  Will he drink too much and forget about it, crushing the hopes and dreams of 4HT?  Tune in to find out!!!

-Marc Jennings, Editor in Chief, 4HT


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