2009 NFL Preview: Each Division as Automobile Manufacturers

With NFL training camps getting ready to be in full bloom, and football right around the corner, it’s time for 4HT to take a look at what’s in store for us in ’09.  As usual, some divisions are solid top to bottom, and others weaker than a baby fart across the board.  With the American […]

Are You Drunk? Do You Need Nostalgia?

Put me down for one of each.  My personal “Rowdy Hour” turned into an obvious 12 hr. on this fine Saturday.  Here’s a clip to get you fired up.  Enjoy.

A-Rod Tests Positive for Steroids, Proving He is No Walter Payton

Major league baseball received another black-eye yesterday, when reports surfaced that Yankee slugger and general douchebag Alex Rodriguez tested postive for steroids during the 2003 season.  His 47 homers, 118 ribbies, and AL MVP honors during said season are now even more tainted, seeing most people with an adequate amount of functioning brain cells generally agree the honor […]

Super Bowl XLIII: A Live Blog, Well Kinda

Seeing every swinging dick with a computer will be doing a liveblog during today’s big game, old Steelhead has other plans.  Why wait for kickoff, and do a liveblog for the tailgate?  I’m sitting in an empty Louisiana Superdome parking lot as we speak, eagerly waiting for other revelers to arrive and party.  Most readers understand […]

thursday goulash served up steelhead style

Dear readers, Before I even (pitifully) attempt to win you back after weeks of abstinence from 4HT, I’ll admit old SH has been quite a turd of late, leaving you in the dark during a stretch when much has happened. My reasons for bailing are far from adequate (booze, women, cheap booze, cheap women, etc.), […]

Steelhead returns from sabatical refreshed, but still pissed

Moments after the White Sox season officially came to a close, I booked a plane ticket for Chicago.  My intentions were to visit the old stomping ground, and spend a week doing the only thing I remain sober and alert for, bowhunting monster whitetail deer that inhabit the Midwest.  The relaxing vacation helped ease the pain, but here I […]

Steelhead Power Rankings: NFL Week 4

With our beloved Chicago Bears inexplicably 1-2 after squandering two certain victories in the 4th quarter, the 2008 NFL season is certainly off to a craptastic start .  I keep telling myself things could be worse, but when you gift wrap games early in the season and lose ground, playoff hopes diminish by the second.  With the powerful Philadelphia […]

Bears Forte-fy running game and dominate Colts

“The Bears!”. Lucas Oil Stadium was a rockin’ and a rollin’ Sunday night in Indianapolis. The amoeba of middle-aged losers wearing beads, face-paint, and blue wigs were screaming and shouting so loud before kickoff, the synthetic noise that needed to be piped into the RCA Dome to compensate for the pathetic fans’ lack of enthusiasm […]

Bears Sign Kevin Jones to One Year Deal

Former Lions running back Kevin Jones announced yesterday he would either sign with the Steelers or Bears today.  Wouldn’t you know it, Jones made the right choice, picking a team he can instantly start for.  I like this signing if he can stay healthy for at least 8 games, and the bad taste in my mouth […]

Hey Hey Heyyyyy…Goodbye Benson

The Bears have decided to waive much maligned running back Cedric Benson after 3 less than stellar years with the franchise.  I have more than said my piece on this issue in previous posts, so it is officially buried today.   Let the celebration begin, but remember to avoid getting behind the wheel of a boat or car afterwards…  […]

Bears Mini-Camp Resembles “3 Ring Circus”

With mini-camp officially underway, and a few surprise faces in the crowd of blue and orange, the Middie Monsters look to get down to business after a less than banner off-season.  Many questions will be answered over the next few weeks, and leave it to Steelhead to highlight the most notable…..

Bears Decide to Piss on Fans Again….Well Kinda

With the 2008 NFL Draft history, every swinging dick across the planet has come out of the woodwork to grade each team’s choices, foolishly assuming people give a shit about their opinion.  These assholes try to convince America who the big winners and losers are, and usually the evidence to back their claims is about as credible as a degree […]

Sizzling NFL Draft Preview

So here we are, that magical week after the combine when the agonizing and seemingly endless wait for the upcoming draft begins.  As usual, the Bears hold the first pick AFTER every immediate impact player is off the board.  I’ve seen this frustrating scenario play out way too many fucking times in my tenure as a […]