Video of the Week: Jocelyn Lemieux Cleans Up Harold Snepts

One of my favorite hockey fights ever.  A smaller, scrappy Lemieux completely destroys notorious St. Louis goon Snepts in a playoff game.  Watch the slow-mo replay of Lemieux’s fist literally bouncing off Snept’s face repeatedly.  GO HAWKS!!!

Marian Hossa Gets Karma-lized

Quick Timeline: 2008 Season: Hossa’s Penguins lose Stanley Cup Finals to the Red Wings 2008 Off-Season: Hossa leaves Pens for Detroit, because, ““When I compared the two teams, I felt like I would have a little better of a chance to win the Cup in Detroit” 2009 Season: Hossa’s Red Wings lose Stanley Cup Finals to […]

thursday goulash served up steelhead style

Dear readers, Before I even (pitifully) attempt to win you back after weeks of abstinence from 4HT, I’ll admit old SH has been quite a turd of late, leaving you in the dark during a stretch when much has happened. My reasons for bailing are far from adequate (booze, women, cheap booze, cheap women, etc.), […]

Farewell to a legend: Blackhawks fire Savard

The Hawks 2008 season has gotten off to an eerily familiar start.  At 1-2-2, with both overtime games resulting in a loss, it looks like the same old story in Chicago.  Blown leads, crappy defense, and lackluster netminding through 5 games serve as a reminder to us fans the best days are now a distant image in the rearview mirror, and […]

Steelhead returns from sabatical refreshed, but still pissed

Moments after the White Sox season officially came to a close, I booked a plane ticket for Chicago.  My intentions were to visit the old stomping ground, and spend a week doing the only thing I remain sober and alert for, bowhunting monster whitetail deer that inhabit the Midwest.  The relaxing vacation helped ease the pain, but here I […]