Ben Gordon Signs with Auburn Hills for $55 Million

We knew this day would come, but that doesn’t make the news of Ben Gordon signing with the Pistons  any easier.  Quips like,  “Go to Miami Ben,”  “Go to Phoenix Ben,” and “Go to Greece Ben,” have been replaced with the (now) popular “Go to Hell Ben.”  How many rings will you win in Auburn Hills […]

Phil Jackson Makes Political Statement After Historic Win

-Orlando Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson donned a hat with the insignia of militant activist Malcolm X after last night’s NBA Finals Game 5 win sealed a Laker Championship, creating a shit-storm of controversy in the process.  The bizarre tribute left onlookers scratching their head, much like when Bart Starr donned a, “McCarthy for President” […]

Farewell Johnny “Red” Kerr and Norm Van Lier, You Will be Missed

The abysmal 2009 campaign for the Chicago Bulls took a back seat today when news broke that legendary announcer Johnny “Red” Kerr and former Bulls great  Norm Van Lier passed away.  The organization, and fans alike, are deeply saddened by the loss of these two Chicago-community pillars, and Kerr’s passion for Bulls basketball is something that can never […]

Worst Slam Dunk Contest….Ever

Saturday night of NBA All-Star Weekend used to be one of the most highly anticipated and exciting nights in sports.  Long gone from the slam dunk contest field are dunking legends Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, and Vince Carter, but expectations still run high for each new installment.  Sure there were a few off years for the contest […]

Bulls will get clobbered by celtics tonight…..Playoff preview

The 2008 Chicago Bulls appear to be cooked 25 games into the season, and this fan is done dreaming big.  Despite clinging to the unenviable 8th playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, expectations for this team are lower than the average USC football player’s SAT score.  Let’s say the Bullies play .500 ball for the rest of the season, which […]

thursday goulash served up steelhead style

Dear readers, Before I even (pitifully) attempt to win you back after weeks of abstinence from 4HT, I’ll admit old SH has been quite a turd of late, leaving you in the dark during a stretch when much has happened. My reasons for bailing are far from adequate (booze, women, cheap booze, cheap women, etc.), […]

Deng, Rose Shine in Bulls 2008 Debut

The Bulls are 1-0.  This seems like a relatively insignificant feat in the grand scheme of things, but last night’s 108-95 victory over division rival Milwaukee made Chicago over .500 for the first time since the ’06-’07 season.  Luol Deng led the charge with 21 points, and rookie sensation Derrick Rose chipped in with 11 points and 9 assists. 

Wilted Rose: Bulls 1st Pick Has Tendinitis: Dr. Manrique to the Rescue

Bulls fans have had much adversity to deal with in the last decade.  Disastrous campaigns, horrible draft picks, horrible trades, untimely injuries.  You name it, and most likely we have suffered through it.  The big story this week is just another dose of discouragement.  Only one and a half exhibition games into his NBA career, Bulls rookie point guard […]

Bulls Go Small, Come Up Big in Draft

5 minutes…….300 seconds…….This is the time frame each NBA team is granted to make up their minds.  Although the Bulls were jet-set on their pick weeks ago, I couldn’t help but squirm a little during those tumltuous ticks of the clock.  These are the Bulls we are talking about here.  Since Pax is capable of screwing […]

Bulls Work Out Michael Beasley…….Because They Had To

Kansas State forward Michael Beasley headed to Deerfield this week, to show off the goods for Bulls brass.  Like the NFL combine,  these flattering individual workouts usually make or break a prospect’s draft status.  His intent was to woo them, and everything was going as planned, until the tape measure and questions came out.

Bulls coaching search is over…for real this time…steelhead cries…for real this time

Vinny Del Negro.  Vincent Joseph Del Negro.  Vinny Pee Pants Del Negro.  No matter how many different ways I say his name, it always comes out the same way, sounding more like a 70’s porn star than an NBA head coach.  Come to think of it, approximately 75-80% of all people who recognize the name […]

Bulls Hire Doug Collins…Again…Steelhead Cries…Again…

Apparently Hubie Brown is retired, so this was the next best option.  What really kills me on this hiring, is the fact that Michael Beasley should be a shoe-in for the first pick now.  Collins’ slow-paced mentality wouldn’t mesh well, if at all, with Derrick Rose’s NBA perfect up-tempo pedigree.  Hey, at least Bill “Beef” […]

Bulls Land Top Pick!!! Photo by: Sh00n

The NBA Playoffs…..Where “Lots of Different Shit” Happens

Anyone bored enough to watch 20 seconds or more of the 2008 NBA playoffs has been generously reminded in that short time span there’s alot of “stuff” happening in the league.  If I see one more of these ludicrous ads providing pearls of wisdom like, “The NBA playoffs, where playoffs happen,” I’m going to put a flaming bag […]