2009 NFL Preview: Each Division as Automobile Manufacturers

With NFL training camps getting ready to be in full bloom, and football right around the corner, it’s time for 4HT to take a look at what’s in store for us in ’09.  As usual, some divisions are solid top to bottom, and others weaker than a baby fart across the board.  With the American […]

Hall of Fame Jerseys You’d Never Wear: Part-4 NHL

Well here it is, the fourth and final installment of 4HT’s series on HOF jerseys fans should never wear.  We have already looked at the NBA, NFL, and MLB, so only hockey remains.  Since approximaely 14 people will read this, I’ll keep it short and sweet.  Away we go…

Hall of Fame Jerseys You’d Never Wear: Part 3-MLB

Last week, 4HT started a mini-series looking at jerseys of NBA and NFL HOFers that people never wear.  Today, we take a look at a few baseball legends who donned alternate unis in the twilight of their career, and these should be avoided at all costs.  Enjoy…

Hall of Fame Jerseys You’d Never Wear: Part 2-NFL

This week, 4HT has been looking back at hall of fame athletes that made a pit stop in the twilight of their career.  These guys, despite being a legend in their respective cities, decided to have a fling elsewhere, and the results were catastrophic (for the most part).  Yesterday, we looked at NBA hall of famers, and today, […]

Hall of Fame Jerseys You’d Never Wear: Part One-NBA

Induction into a professional sport hall of fame is one of the greatest acheivements an athlete can accomplish in his life.  Being enshrined secures one’s legacy as an all-time great, and the fame and fortune that comes with the distinction are unparalled.  Here at 4HT, we have put together comprehensive lists of HOFers in every […]

Saved by the Bell: Underrated Characters

I had a bizarre obsession with SBTB as a youngster.  Call it pre-teen angst, or puberty that was aided by uber-babe Tiffani Amber Thiessen, the show was one of my favorites.  The uncanny ability I have to watch 5 seconds of ANY episode and then be able to give a detailed description of what transpires during that episode is pathetic […]

College Football….Video Game Systems….Nuff Said

Throughout the last century and a half, college football has been alive and well.  Although not much else has withstood the test of time as vigilantly, video games are here to stay.  Ever since Pong hit the scene decades ago, our society’s fascination with gaming has experienced a meteoric rise that may see no end.  […]

Most Annoying College Mascots

Let’s face it, the golden age of the San Diego Chicken and minor league staple Max Patkin has been over for decades now.  This new era of uninspired, and far from comical mascots in collegiate sport has been mediocre at best.  Grab a chair, for we are about to visit some of the most irritating out there, and hopefully rally together for […]

12/20/08: The day steelhead comes clean

This is hard to say, much less over the information superhighway, but I have a serious addiction that is affecting my life/overall well-being.  Realizing the first step to recovery is admitting there is a problem, I sit here today attempting to excorcize the demons within.  Said dependence isn’t exclusive to me, but Steelhead’s addictive personality has […]

congratulations white sox….2008 al central champions

Sox Win! Sox Win!

The Big Ten (11): Most Badass College Logos

With college football back in full swing, my life (despite an Irish loss this week) has improved exponentially.  Finally, that legitimate excuse to wake up at 8AM and crack a cold PBR before opening your eyes is back.  Nothing in the world (even sex) beats a glorious Saturday filled with great games and thrilling upsets.  The definition of euphoria […]

God Bless the 80’s, and “Pseudo” Sports Movies

About 30 years ago, Hollywood producers began to struggle mightily trying to come up with fresh ideas for sports based movies.  With virtually no stone left unturned, these creative geniuses had to dig deep into the annals of human competition to deliver compelling stories, likable characters, and triumphs over evil that don’t include full-scale war.  What they came up […]

Wisconsin shows up to packers training camp pale, overweight

-Green Bay, WI During the sweltering “dog days” of summer, thousands of pasty white, obese Packer fans braved the heat, and flocked to Green Bay last weekend to catch a glimpse of their beloved NFL franchise gearing up for the oncoming 2008 season.  The garb of choice for the pudgy, middle-aged, goatee encrusted fanboys in attendance was 48″ waist cut-off […]

4HT: Your Official “Carlos Mini-Hulk Quentin for MVP” Headquarters

With the 2008 baseball season two-thirds in the books, it’s that time of year for sportwriters, and fans alike, to start speculating on League MVPs, and gathering support for “their guy.”  Here at 4HT, the choice was simple, much more so than in years past.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the 2008 A.L. MVP, Carlos “Mini-Hulk” Quentin.

Bold 2008 Summer Olympics Predictions

Ahhhh, the Olympics are a special time indeed.  That magical two weeks where the entire world watches the planet’s best athletes compete for gold medals in thrilling events like table tennis and trampoline.  I have fond memories of spending my summer as a pre-teen fixated on the ’92 Barcelona games, the Dream Team, and the utterly kick […]