What If?? 11 Moves that Changed Sports History

Every fan, regardless of city or team affiliation, has bitter memories about the “guy that got away.”  He is that once in a lifetime player who, for one reason or another, slipped through a franchise’s fingers.  The fallout from losing said guy is enough to convince fans not even an entire crate of whiskey can help ease their pain.  Here at […]

Monday Inspiration Strikes….Movie Montage Style

For those of you sitting in your cubicle, forklift, office, tank, or crane, Monday is not a happy day.  It’s that dreaded morning where one realizes the weekend of upcoming excess is still 5 days away, and you are still reeling (and reeking) from the previous one.  Motivation is lower than Jim Thome’s batting average.  […]

The 12 Most Underrated Players in “Tecmo Super Bowl”

Back in the day, I played NES until my hands got sore.  Mario, Zelda, Metroid….you name it.  There wasn’t a title out there I wouldn’t play the shit out of.  My game collection was modest, but definitely diverse.  This all changed when Tecmo released “Tecmo Super Bowl,” a sequel to the popular football game “Tecmo Bowl.”  My game library dropped to […]

The 10 Worst Nicknames in Sports History (Players Edition)

 Steelhead is at it again….He sat down with the staple 12 pack of PBR to help him brainstorm and shit out the ten worst nicknames of all-time.  Prepare for glory…..

NBA Superstars VS WWF Superstars…..Part 1

I’ll admit it.  During the 80’s, I was OBSESSED with professional wrestling.  I’m guilty as charged.  Before you tell me to have another beer and piss myself, please bear in mind I was a young child during this era. In the midst of yet another crippling bender this weekend, I gave birth to a plan.  Compare every NBA superstar […]