NBA Superstars VS WWF Superstars…..Part 5

Well ladies and gents, it’s that time for Part 5 of the running column comparing NBA Superstars to their WWF blood brother.  Unfortunately, the gold suited and masked “Conquistadors” won’t be on the card today.  Regardless, grab some popcorn, crack a PBR, sit back, and as always, prepare for greatness….

NBA Superstars VS WWF Superstars…..Part 4

Here at 4HT, quatro is a magic number.  It signifies the greatest backfield in college football history, the greatest group ever assembled in professional wrestling, and the number of Monster energy drinks Steelhead needs to drink to shake off his infamous crippling hangovers.  Without further adiue, here’s Part 4……

NBA Superstars VS WWF Superstars…..Part 3

Due to the influx of responses for my running lists comparing NBA Legends to their WWF counterpart, I have decided to shelf my piece on the first place Sox,  grab a bottle of Beam, and indulge you with Part 3…..This match is scheduled for one fall, 15 minute time limit, and is for the Intercontinental Championship […]

4HT recognized by Sports Illustrated’s “Extra Mustard”

While Steelhead nursed a crippling hangover, 4HT was quite busy this morning.  The piece: “NBA Superstars VS WWF Superstars Part 1” was linked by the Sports Illustrated website.  Check it out.

NBA Superstars VS WWF Superstars…..Part 2

As most of you already know, I was, like any other kid from the 80’s, a huge fan of professional wrestling.  The WWF, reaching its zenith during this decade, took my generation by storm.  A few comrades of mine have even kept their allegiance in tact years later.  Although my devotion to the men in tights doesn’t run quite as deep, […]

NBA Superstars VS WWF Superstars…..Part 1

I’ll admit it.  During the 80’s, I was OBSESSED with professional wrestling.  I’m guilty as charged.  Before you tell me to have another beer and piss myself, please bear in mind I was a young child during this era. In the midst of yet another crippling bender this weekend, I gave birth to a plan.  Compare every NBA superstar […]