Steelhead Rises: The Hero 4HT Deserves, But Not The One It Needs…

If World War I can be called a “war to end all wars,” then 2013 can certainly be known as a “year to end all years.”  Twas a tumultuous 365 day stretch that had a little bit of everything, but one constant remained: 4HT spent ANOTHER year neglected by its sole proprietor from a content […]

Official Audio Transcript of Hawaii’s Coach McMackin’s Insensitive Comment

Here’s the audio of Hawaii football coach Greg McMackin’s politcally incorrect slur used during a live press conference.  His attempt to cover up the slip of tongue is laughable, and definitely made his attempt at reconciling the situation half-hearted and un-genuine.  Needless to say, he is still upset the Irish went into his little tiki and […]

Out With the Old, and in With the “New” College Football Rivalries

You can google college football rivalries, and 999 out of 1,000 returns will mention Ohio St.-Michigan, Alabama-Auburn, or Army-Navy.  These blood matches have transcended time, despite the landscape of football changing drastically over the last 20 years.  Today, we are going to look at some of the newer conference matchups that are sure to be heated for 2009.

After all these years, the CBS college football intro still rules

When I was a wee sprat growing up in the industrial jungles of the Midwest, Saturday morning was (and still is) the highlight of my week.  Long before booze and crippling hangovers ruined many a weekend, my youthful exuberance allowed me to wake up bright and early every weekend in the fall for an unhealthy […]

thursday goulash served up steelhead style

Dear readers, Before I even (pitifully) attempt to win you back after weeks of abstinence from 4HT, I’ll admit old SH has been quite a turd of late, leaving you in the dark during a stretch when much has happened. My reasons for bailing are far from adequate (booze, women, cheap booze, cheap women, etc.), […]

Steelhead returns from sabatical refreshed, but still pissed

Moments after the White Sox season officially came to a close, I booked a plane ticket for Chicago.  My intentions were to visit the old stomping ground, and spend a week doing the only thing I remain sober and alert for, bowhunting monster whitetail deer that inhabit the Midwest.  The relaxing vacation helped ease the pain, but here I […]

Notre Dame Improves to 3-1 with win over Purdue

It may have taken 4 games, but the Irish offense has finally looked dominant against a quality opponent.  No my friends,  that is not a typo.  Saturday’s showdown with the rival Boilers proved to be a coming party for many, and when the smoke cleared, Notre Dame had pulled out a 38-21 victory over Purdue. 

Drunken Diary: Michigan St. 23 Notre Dame 7 F

Yesterday, during the craptastic Irish loss to Sparty, I decided to keep a “drunken diary,” tabulating my thoughts and reactions as the game went on.  The first half is quite detailed, but, as anyone who has been in the grasps of a crippling all-day drinking binge knows, things get a little fuzzy with time.  Javon […]

Much improved irish beat michigan, maim coach weis

In a game marred by turnovers, flukey plays, and a sideline exit that toppled mammoth head coach Charlie Weis into an air-cast and crutches, Notre Dame braved the elements, dug deep, and beat hated rival Michigan 35-17 on a Saturday that was highlighted by an emotional tribute to the 1988 National Championship team.  The victory makes the Irish […]

Sorry Charlie: Irish look desperate in win

Anyone expecting to see Notre Dame rise from the ashes and make a run at the top 25 this season were hit with a serious reality check after Saturday’s dissappointing 21-13 win against San Diego State. The Irish, 22 point favorites at home, played from behind most of the game, and eeked out a non-decisive […]

2008 College Football Preview: Steelhead’s Top 10

If I had to wait any longer for the 2008 college football season to kick off, this post would be written from a mental hospital.  The last few weeks have dragged on relentlessly, and that breaking point where something bad might happen is here.  Luckily my prayers will be answered this Thursday, and, as a […]

Montana Legacy Revived at Notre Dame: VIDEO

Looks like Nate Montana will walk-on, in hopes of duplicating the gridiron glory his father Joe had at Notre Dame.

Notre Dame Lands Top 10 Recruiting Class: Part 4 – Offensive Linemen/Tight Ends

Alright fellas.  With the defense accounted for, it’s time to focus on the offensive side of the ball for my running recruiting diary.  The Irish gave up an unscrupulous 58 sacks last year, and any swinging dick smartass can do the math.  58 sacks=almost 5 per game=3-9 record.  At times it looked like the o-line purposely sidestepped […]

Notre Dame Lands Top 10 Recruiting Class: Part 3 – Defensive Linemen

Ahhhhhhh and here we are.  Part 3 of my running recruiting diary, which covers defensive linemen, will perhaps be the most difficult to write, since we all know what happened with a certain 5 star recruit before signing day.  If you are unaware, please stick around, and if you are in the know, I’d like to hear […]

Notre Dame Lands Top 10 Recruiting Class: Part 2-Linebackers

In a continuation of my running recruiting diary, this is definitely the position that intrigues me most.  Linebackers are the backbone of any solid defense, and the Irish definitely answered the call this year by signing some high grade kids at this spot, all of which have vast amounts of potential to succeed at the college level.