Mt. Rushmore: The Faces of Each Sports City

ESPN has launched a campaign searching for the Mt. Rushmore of athletes from, or associated with, every state in America.  I think it’s kind of a cool idea, so 4HT has liquored up Steelhead, and gave him a chance to reflect on his personal Rushmore for each sports city.  The following format was followed: 1. One player […]

Steelhead Hall of Fame: Dock Ellis

This week, 4HT would like to celebrate a man who embodied everything right about sports in 1970’s.  Back when baseball was still played “the right way,” this ambassador of the game shone above the rest, clearly putting himself in a league where few have dared to compete.  Long before our national pastime became a watered-down, dissappointing […]

Steelhead Hall of Fame: Mitch “Blood” Green

In the 80’s, the sport of boxing was still king.  A young Mike Tyson steamrolled through inferior competition, and the legendary middleweight rivalries hit their peak.  We will forever remember names like “Iron Mike,” “Hitman,” “Sugar Ray,” and “Marvelous” in boxing lore.  Today, we honor the lesser known, yet exponentially more hilarious Mitch “Blood” Green, whose […]

Steelhead Hall of Fame: 1989 Fleer Billy Ripken

Back in the 80’s, “error” trading cards were a highly sought after item.  Every once in a while, Topps and company would switch the card backs of two players, print a reverse negative, or misspell a name.  These innocent blunders pale in comparison to Fleer’s 1989 baseball installment of Baltimore Oriole second basemen Billy Ripken.  […]

Steelhead Hall of Fame: Casper “Cap” Boso

This week, 4HT honors a man who played the game of football bigger, badder, and meaner than most would ever dream to.  This legend has two distinct claim to fames. 1. His name is absolutely hilarious 2. His absolutely hilarious name earned him recognition by many through appearing in the original NES classic Tecmo Bowl […]

Steelhead Hall of Fame: Rupert ‘Stiles’ Stilinski

Each week at 4HT, one lucky individual will forever be enshrined in the “Steelhead Hall of Fame.”  Qualifications for such a huge honor vary, but every member of this heralded list truly shine above the rest.  Today, we salute a man who answered the call to greatness for 91 minutes straight in the 80’s classic Teen […]