SEC Football: Yup, this pretty much sums it up…

Video of the Week: Mullet Man is Officially the Worst Boxer Ever

Here’s a short clip of Brian Sutherland, aka “Locks of Desire,”  in his pugilistic debut.  The pale tomato can (with a sweet mullet) decided to go toe-to-toe with a real professional, and hilarity ensues.  Watch this poor guy take miserable swipes at his opponent, and eventually get his bell rung at the 00:47 mark of the […]

Video of the Week: Jocelyn Lemieux Cleans Up Harold Snepts

One of my favorite hockey fights ever.  A smaller, scrappy Lemieux completely destroys notorious St. Louis goon Snepts in a playoff game.  Watch the slow-mo replay of Lemieux’s fist literally bouncing off Snept’s face repeatedly.  GO HAWKS!!!

Keith Eloi is the man…..nuff said

0:45 second mark is the payoff, and it’s fantastic

Are You Drunk? Do You Need Nostalgia?

Put me down for one of each.  My personal “Rowdy Hour” turned into an obvious 12 hr. on this fine Saturday.  Here’s a clip to get you fired up.  Enjoy.

Hilarious Fantasy Football Video

KingJames828 has put onto Youtube an absolutely astounding video featuring NFL stars showing off their insane skills for your pick in the next draft. If you haven’t seen this yet, definitely give it a look. Chris Cooley steals the show, as usual, in what I’m assuming was a Reebok commerical of some sort.  Enjoy.

Video of the Week: Goodness Gracious

This has been on an endless loop in the Steelhead household.  The old lady is not happy…..Try not to scorch your shorts gentlemen.

Clip of the week: Grandma goes down

Highlights include: 1. Grandma doesn’t even put her hands out to break her fall 2. Wimpy guy ducks, completely leaving grannie wide open for the money shot This is why old people shouldn’t be allowed outside

Video of the Week: Leaping Lizards

Classic video of a live news feed gone horribly wrong.  Watch the host, obviously on edge, lose it around the 0:14 mark, forcing an obligatory burning of his Man Card moments later.  Enjoy.

Video of the Week: Watch Out for the 40 oz. bull

Found a very interesting commercial for Schlitz Malt Liquor today, starring the 70’s funk menagerie The Lockers.  The immortal Adolfo “Shabba Doo” Quinones was once part of this legendary performing group.  The name Quinones may not ring any bells, but this will: He played Ozone in the 80’s cult classic Breakin’.  Enjoy the show, and try not to watch it more than […]

Let’s go for the gusto meine freunden….

Steelhead blacked out tonight, but urged this video was given the light of day.  He muttered something about, “This shit gives me a boner,” so we couldn’t refuse, being the poor saps we are.  He then continued to make out/dry hump with the fattest, ugliest girl we’ve ever seen, but we feel obliged to indulge him.  […]

Video of the week: Holy shit

If you haven’t seen this yet, prepare to be blown away.  A million words can’t describe it.  Enjoy…..

Collision for the Ages Begins Tonight…Bet Your Ass I’m Green This Week

At 9:00 EST tonight, sports fans all over the world will be treated to a slugfest featuring two of the NBA’s most storied franchises.  There is no gray area when the Celtics and Lakers face off, and, if you haven’t taken sides yet, you sure as hell better…..

Bulls Hire Doug Collins…Again…Steelhead Cries…Again…

Apparently Hubie Brown is retired, so this was the next best option.  What really kills me on this hiring, is the fact that Michael Beasley should be a shoe-in for the first pick now.  Collins’ slow-paced mentality wouldn’t mesh well, if at all, with Derrick Rose’s NBA perfect up-tempo pedigree.  Hey, at least Bill “Beef” […]