Josh Fields Demands Trade….and Ten Other Laughable Power Plays

It appears disgruntled White Sox infielder extaordinaire Josh Fields is demanding a trade.  The hilarious revelation is in lieu of the Sox acquiring Mark Kotsay from Boston to fill the hideous void created by Fields, his 8 errors, and 70 strike-outs.  The .220 hitter should have many suitors, in Single A.  For those who are clueless on the […]

White Sox Trade Worthless Outfielder for Worthless Infielder

Days before the ominous trade deadline, our beloved Sox have once again pulled out all the stops, and made a bold move that all but ensures an AL pennant in 2009.  GM Kenny Williams must have brass balls to ship Brian Anderson to the Red Sox for Mark Kotsay, but the move was well worth […]

White Sox: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Almost 100 games into the 2009 season, our Sox are standing pat at 51-48, only two games out of first place.  The last series in Detroit left a sour taste in alot of Southsiders mouths, but the big picture still reads clear, we CAN win this division.  Today, let’s look at why the Pale Hose […]

Have You Seen This Man??????

Any information leading to the whereabouts of one Carlos “Mini-Hulk” Quentin will be rewarded handsomely.  If you can help, please call 425-885-7529.  The Central cannot be won without Quentin, so act now!!!

KING MARK: Buehrle Tosses Perfect Game

ATTA BOY #56.  Congratulations on the perfect game, and as always, GO SOX!

White Sox Officially Over .500: BOOM Goes the Dynamite!!!!

Holy crap.  For the first time since May 2nd, the Sox have a winning record, and are only 4 games out of first place.  It is a very well known fact that anytime I get excited about our Pale Hose, an implosion occurs.  Here’s to hoping this time is different….

Carlos Zambrano and Steve Stone are NOT Friends

While getting roughed up in yesterday’s embarrassing 6-0 loss to the Sox, Cubs ace Carlos Zambrano pegged Dewayne Wise on a cutter that apparently “cut too much.”  Was it intentional?  Personally I don’t care, but former Cub announcer Steve Stone lashed out at Big Z after the wild pitch, stating, “If you are wondering why Zambrano […]

Twenty Things Less Embarrassing Than Losing to the Cubs

The Sox blew a golden opportunity in the 8th today, dropping game one to the Cubs 5-4.  This prompted to me to think of things less embarrassing than losing to one of the worst teams in baseball….. Shitting your pants on a blind date Contracting herpes from an exotic dancer Getting a boner in church […]

Getz, Linebrink Join Forces to Piss Away 4 Run Lead, Sox Lose

Imagine this: Bottom of the 8th, Sox up 5-1.  A routine grounder is biffed by second basemen Chris Getz, causing reliever Scott Linebrink to serve up back-to-back homers to tie the game for the Cubs, all with two outs.  An inning later, Sox lose.  Am I pissed? Nahhh man, I’m good.  Now if you’ll excuse me, […]

Danks Throttles Cubs, Sox Win

John Danks pitched 7 + scoreless innings today to lead the Pale Hose to a 4-1 victory over the Cubs in Game One of the “bareknuckle brawl to decide once and for all who the shittiest team in Chicago is this year.”  As we speak, the Sox are now slightly to moderately less shitty than the […]

White Sox Invade Wrigley to Take on Cubs in Best of 3 Pillow Fight

Let’s be honest, the 2009 installment of the Windy City Series leaves something to be desired.  Both teams have been swirling around the toilet for weeks, and both are mathematically in the playoff hunt due to shitty divisional rivals.  Anyone who attests to the Cubs division being superior or competitive lost all credibility this weekend, after […]

Surging White Sox Trade Adult Film Star for Cuban Dictator

The baseball world was turned upside-down yesterday when news broke that the Chicago White Sox dealt young stud pitcher/adult film star Lance Broadway to the New York Mets for the ageless Cuban dictator/ backup catcher Ramon Castro. 

White Sox Sign Overweight Rodeo Clown

The Yankees have had perhaps the busiest off-season in MLB history.  A.J. Burnett……Mark Teixera……… and of course the literally mammoth event of landing  400 lb. tomato can C.C. Sabathia for over $100 million.  With New York hell bent on world domination, Red Sox Nation is collectively shitting their pants, the Sun Rays are mailing it in, and the eternal douchebag […]

Steelhead returns from sabatical refreshed, but still pissed

Moments after the White Sox season officially came to a close, I booked a plane ticket for Chicago.  My intentions were to visit the old stomping ground, and spend a week doing the only thing I remain sober and alert for, bowhunting monster whitetail deer that inhabit the Midwest.  The relaxing vacation helped ease the pain, but here I […]

The night chicago died…..White sox return to “comiskey” down 2-0

Unbelievable.  The 2008 White Sox have been a bigger enigma this post-season than a cryptic Bill Belichick giving a post-game interview in morse code.  With their backs against the proverbial wall, our Pale Hose appear to be out of gas, and our fearless leader Ozzie, appears to be out of answers.  The St. Pete Sunshine continued their […]