White Sox Blow Opportunities, Vazquez Blows in Game One Loss

The 2008 posteseason is off to a randy start, just not for our Sox.  The St. Petersburg Sun Rays rocked perpetual douchebag Javier Vazquez for 6 runs in 4.1 innings, and that was enough to pull out a 6-4 game one victory.  11 Sox were stranded on base, and the culminating event of the afternoon […]

white sox win….force one game playoff with twins….hawk calls for “blackout”

OH BABY WAS THAT INTENSE!!!  After a 4 hour rain delay, our beloved Sox outlasted the Tigers 8-2 to force a one game playoff against the hated Twins.  Tomorrow’s showdown at Comiskey Park will determine the AL Central champion, and we can only hope the South Siders have more pop in their bats than they showed tonight. 

Welcome to the terrordome: Twins rock Sox

GOOD NEWS: The White Sox magic number was 5 on Tuesday night BAD NEWS: That number remained 5 after Minnesota pounded Javier Vasquez and the Sox 9-3

Hulk-less Sox up 2 games turning down home stretch….Let’s finish the game

With 19 games left in the 2008 regular season, the White Sox; improbably, and miraculously, are still very much in playoff contention. Even after a dissappointing 4-6 stint over the last 10 games, that was overshadowed by Carlos Quentin’s season ending injury, eternal hope continues to spring on the South Side. Birds are still chirping, […]

sox drop first two against rays at home

And lose first place………Time to riot Hatebreed style.  Strap in pussies. Sidenote: As brittle (and drunk) as Steelhead is, he has actually survived over a dozen HB shows.

White sox use day off to reflect on disastrous road trip, need to watch Rocky III

Well it happened last week, the shit officially hit the fan.  The Sox, frontrunners in the A.L. Central, crapped the bed during  a 10 game road trip, and surrendered first place to hated rival Minnesota.  The blame can go many different directions, but, for sake of argument, let’s assume everyone agrees: Right now, this team sucks royally (no […]

Kenny williams gets bored, trades for Griffey

In a daring trade hours before the deadline, Sox GM Kenny Williams shipped pitcher Nick Massett and 2nd basemen Danny Richar to the Reds for beleagured outfielder Ken Griffey Jr..  On paper, this sounds like a decent trade, but in reality, Sox Nation is mumbling a collective “WTF?”  Let’s take a closer look at the pros […]

4HT: Your Official “Carlos Mini-Hulk Quentin for MVP” Headquarters

With the 2008 baseball season two-thirds in the books, it’s that time of year for sportwriters, and fans alike, to start speculating on League MVPs, and gathering support for “their guy.”  Here at 4HT, the choice was simple, much more so than in years past.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the 2008 A.L. MVP, Carlos “Mini-Hulk” Quentin.

Sox head to motown for crucial series with tiggies

100 games in, 2.5 games up.  The doubters, naysayers, and general pessimists (like myself) have been in hibernation for quite some time, and from here on out, you gotta believe a division title is entirely, genuinely, 100% conceivable.  We’ve been here before, know what needs to be done, and basically are praying for consistency until the […]

Sox in first place at the break…..midseason awards

54-40…….1 1/2 games up.  Heading into the midsummer classic, we are over half way done, and the mighty White Sox continue to exceed my wildest expectations.  Before falling into the meat grinder known as Texas, our South Siders proved they can play with anyone, and are more than capable of getting the big hit or stellar pitching performance needed for […]

Karma is a Bitch: Sox Sweep Cubs

Last week was a long 7 days.  I couldn’t go anywhere without perpetual hazing from the droves of Cub fans enlightening me on their latest triumph over the Sox.  Despite the annoyance caused by said jackasses and their mouths, cooler heads prevailed.  Engaging in a pissing match with a Cub fan is pointless, and I usually laugh […]

Contreras serves up 9 runs in the 4th, Sox lose

Cubs 11, Sox 7. Final.   For the second day in a row, Sox pitchers were ineffective protecting a lead, and blew it today with a meltdown of Biblical proportions.  Jose Contreras continued his losing ways, offering gift after gift in the 4th inning, turning a 4-1 Sox lead into a 9-4 deficit.  When the rubble […]

Sox Bullpen Blows it…Steelhead Drowns Sorrows

Cubs 4, Sox 3.  Final.  Up 3-1 going into the bottom of the seventh, I was feeling pretty good about a favorable outcome.  This good feeling was immediately erased by Octavio Dotel serving up back-to-back home runs to Derrick “I punch like a sissy” Lee and Aramis “I seem to always get shit lucky against the […]

Steelhead Ho-Hum about Go Go’s

Due to the direct correlation between a previous post  heaping joy and adulation on the White Sox, and the 3 game skid that followed, this entry will not be about a happy South Sider chirping his praises.  Even though credit is due to many right now, why fuck it up because a delusional psychopath (SH) wants to dance in strawberry fields with “Southpaw” in lieu of recent […]

White Sox in 1st After 50 games…Where’s Jobu?

29-23.  2 games up.  Big road wins.  Before I go any further, let my clarify:  This describes the 2008 Chicago White Sox, a team every magazine and media outlet denied any discernible credit to during Spring Training.  Steelhead himself, the asshole who wears white socks to weddings/formal events as a tribute, even wrote them off.  The schedule may […]