White Sox are 7-4…..Steelhead Eats Crow

Hindsight is always 20/20 my friends.  “I told you so,” or “See! I knew it,” are revelations less shocking than “I really like blowjobs,” or saying “I’m fucking wasted,” moments before you puke a mixture of Jager and pride onto your date’s boobs.  There is no place for pussies to admit they were right in the sports world, only wrong.  […]

Sox Off to 1-2 Start: “Yeah, that’s about right…”

With the opening series against Cleveland in the books, it’s comforting to see the Sox look poised to repeat last year’s abyssmal 72 win campaign, and perhaps even trump it by a few games.  As I gargle with lighter fluid and light a match anticipating another annual installment of smashed TV remotes and broken dreams compliments of […]